Brought to you by the same team that released Maxwell Alexander Drake's award-winning and critically acclaimed Genesis of Oblivion Saga, this new fantasy epic adventure is sure to please even the most diehard fantasy fan.


Battles and romance sweep across the magical vistas of Tarmor, from the barren Northlands, through the great Kingdom of Gannon, to the vast Empire of Hadon. Betrayal meets ancient, reawakened powers. The strength of the compassionate soul, no matter what race or creature in which it resides, must be tested in the fires of a selfish world.

Slar of the Boar Clan thought he would spend the rest of his life leading his patrol along their normal route, guarding his people from raiders. Tallen Westar thought he would never leave his humdrum life in the successful, but isolated inn his family has run for generations.

That is, until the Dragonsouls touched their lives.

Tallen is swept into the machinations of the nobility, wizards, and priests who move behind the throne. Slar sees an opportunity to lift his people from centuries of repression in the desolate Northlands.

The five races of Tarmor, after a millennium of strained peace, once again face the prospect of war and invasion. Even the ancient dragons can no longer remain aloof.

A great wizard in exile will return to the world, as will a Paladin of the Temple of Balance.

A thief must find her healing Talent, and reconcile the different paths of healer and burglar.

A soldier learns the truth of the world in which he lives.

And a man of valor must face his unwelcome heritage.

The eternal struggle between Chaos and Order must find its Balance. Or the world will be torn asunder -- again.
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